Play-by-Playcast Ep. 85 (Jones Angell / UNC Tar Heels)

January 26, 2018

Jones Angell followed in the massive footsteps of Woody Durham when he took over as the Voice of the Tar Heels in 2011.  Since then Angell has settled into his role. most recently calling two UNC trips to the men's basketball national championship game.  On this week's pod Jones talks about those two Final Four trips, the call that he feels helped establish him in his job, his relationship with Durham and more.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 84 (Eric Reid / Miami Heat)

January 19, 2018

Eric Reid is a Miami Heat original.  With the organization since game one, Reid has served as the TV voice of the Heat for 30 seasons after beginning in a color analyst role.  On this week's podcast Reid talks about his initial move to Miami, what makes good TV basketball play-by-play, how he prepares for a game, how he gets on the same page with his analyst and more.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 83 (Ann Schatz / Pac 12 Networks)

January 12, 2018

Ann Schatz is a trailblazer in sportscasting.  The first female sports anchor in Omaha and then in Portland, Ann then tranitioned into play-by-play, where she became one of the first women to consistently appear in that chair as well.  Well versed in calling multiple sports, Ann has worked for a handful of networks and now calls the PAC-12 home.  Also in the podcast, a discussion of covering the 1994 Winter Olympics....without a crednetial.  Don't miss it!


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 82 (Rich Burk / Pac-12 Networks)

January 5, 2018

Rich Burk has been with the Pac 12 Networks since their inception in 2012, calling every sport under the sun.  He's also called the Olympic Games, again calling every sport under the sun.  Today he's on PxPCast to break those experiences down: how he got into the business, losing a Triple-A baseball job when the team left town, finding his way to Pac 12 TV and much more!


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 81 (Brian Estridge / TCU Horned Frogs)

December 29, 2017

Brian Estridge is the voice of the TCU Horned Frogs...and a morning news/talk show host....and he owns a company that broadcasts a variety of college bowl games among other things.  So he does quite a bit with his free time.  This week he's a guest on play-by-playcast to talk about all of it.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 80 (Mike Breen / New York Knicks)

December 22, 2017

Mike Breen is one of the absolute best at what he does.  The voice of the NY Knicks on MSG television and of the NBA Finals on ABC, Breen has been around the top rung of the craft for some time.  On this week's pod Breen talks about his start as a color analyst and working in news, his time with NBC Radio and IMUS, the differences of local and national TV, working with Mark Jackson and Jeff Van Gundy and how he critiques himself even to this day.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 79 (Len Kasper / Chicago Cubs)

December 15, 2017

Len Kasper began his climb through Major League baseball in Milwaukee...and then Beloit...and then Milwaukee, before he headed south to become the TV voice of the Florida Marlins and eventually the Chicago Cubs.  Kasper talks about that climb, how to make it in the Majors, working with a partner and his prep and planning, his voice, being the voice of a national franchise and more.  Find Kasper on twitter @LenKasper.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 78 (Jake Zivin / Portland Timbers)

December 8, 2017

The first MLS broadcaster to appear on Play-by-PlayCast, Jake Zivin joins us from Portland, Oregon this week.  Zivin talks about his move from the TV 'sports-on-news' world into the TV play-by-play world in a full-time gig with the Portland Timbers.  A big-time soccer fan, Zivin got his start in broadcasting working behind the scenes with ESPN while in college...studying numbers, not broadcasting.  His path took him from the midwest to the pacific northwest and the rest is history.  Jake also talks about the actual mechanics of calling a soccer game on both radio and TV and talks language of soccer too -- internationally and for an American audience.  It's an episode of the pod like we haven't had before, so soccer fans get ready to sink your teeth into this one. 


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 77 (Jon “Boog” Sciambi / ESPN)

December 1, 2017

Jon Sciambi wanted to be a talk show host originally.  Two decades later he's one of the chief voices of baseball on TV for ESPN, with some radio mixed in as well.  On this week's edition of the podcast, Boog talks his rise through the ranks and into the pxp side of things and then delves into his prep, the study of sabermetrics, Chipper Jones and first pitch fastballs, the most important rules of calling baseball well and more.  And Wade Davis know who he is.  Follow Jon on twitter @BoogSciambi and follow the pod @PxPCast.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 76 (Craig Ackerman / Houston Rockets)

November 24, 2017

For more than two decades Craig Ackerman has been associated with the Houston Rockets in one capacity or another.  He now does radio at home and TV on the road, but he's also been a studio host and production intern.  But his path is a little more complicated than that and he details it all on this week's pod.  We also talk about energy on air, his prep, how to work analystics into a broadcast in just the right way and much more.  If you enjoyed the week's episode make sure to hit Craig up on twitter @ca_Ackerman and as always find the podcast @PxPCast!