Play-by-Playcast Ep. 34 (Rich Chvotkin / Georgetown Hoyas)

February 3, 2017

Rich Chvotkin has served as the Voice of the Hoyas since the early 1970's and stands as one of the longest tenured broadcasters across college basketball.  Since 1986 Rich has worked solo on he air and also is a practcing medical professional all the while working on press row.  Rich talks changes in the radio business and in basketball and recalls some of his favorite memories of the Hoyas and the Thompsons through the years.  Of course I went to Syracuse, so we touch on that rivalry and the closing of Manley Field House.  Follow Rich on twitter @HoyasWin.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 33 (Tim Grubbs / New Orleans Baby Cakes)

January 27, 2017

Tim Grubbs has been the voice of the New Orleans Baby Cakes for 16 years.  He joins the podcast this week to talk all things including: Broadcasting for a team named the Baby Cakes, climbing the MiLB ladder, broadcasting for a New Orleans team during Katrina, meeting his eventual wife on the road in Iowa, his favorite players to broadcast and what Vlad Guerrero and Andruw Jones looked like in Low-A.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 32 (Ed Cohen / CBS Sports Network, One World Sports, NBC Olympics)

January 20, 2017

Ed Cohen has called virtually any sport you can think of.  That list includes a gig calling weightlifting at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.  Ed and Joel break down the prep for calling a sport you don't know and what it's like calling games from a studio.  Ed's experience includes the Olympics and other international experience like the KHL and Japanese baseball league.  Domestically Ed can be seen calling college basketball on CBS Sports Network after a lengthy stint as the Voice of the Manhattan Jaspers and Rutgers Scarlet Knights women's basketball team.  Find Ed on twitter @edcohensports.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 31 (Mike Couzens / ESPN)

January 13, 2017

Mike Couzens and myself go back a little ways.  We first met as national delegates in high school at the Conference on National Affiars in North Carolina.  CONA was the pinnacle for any member of YMCA Youth & Government program.  So we met there and then again in college and then again in the professional ranks.  Now we're here on this podcast talking about Mike's life and job and what the heck Sports Breakfast is.  


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 30 (Anish Shroff / ESPN)

January 6, 2017

For episode 30 of PxPCast we dip back into the ESPN pool and visit with Anish Shroff, the former Dream Job contestant that has gone on to a PxP and Anchoring career at the network.  But it didn't happen without a bunch of steps along the way.  Anish details his journey to the mothership and talks a lot about the production and prep that goes into a TV broadcast.  We also talk about reading and slips of the tongue.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 29 (Pete Weber / Nashville Predators)

December 30, 2016

Pete Weber has been the voice of hockey in Nashville since the Predators came to town in the late 1990's.  But he's take a crazy route to the Preds that includes stops in the NFL, NBA, NHL and Triple-A baseball.  He's also done college sports at places like Buffalo and St. Bonaventure.  Not only that, but Pete got his big break as an analyst...a non-jock analyst (something almost unheard of today) when he broke in with the LA Kings.

Pete Weber is our guest and can be found on twitter @PeteWeberSports.  Find the Podcast on twitter too @PxPCast or Joel @JoelGodett.  Play-by-Playcast drops every Friday morning with a conversation with various play-by-play broadcasters from across the industry.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 28 (Bob Carpenter / Washington Nationals)

December 23, 2016

Bob Carpenter is one of the most faous baseball broadcasters in the business, if only because his name is on the cover of 90% of the scorebooks used by broadcasters across America.  The Bob Carpenter Baseball Scorebook has become as well known as the announcer himself over the year.  Carpenter talks about his small business in addition to his trip through the Major Leagues en route to Washington and some of the more notable moments he's called.  We also find out what kind of club a pro golfer uses when he breaks his putter...and more!

Follow Play-by-PlayCast online @PxPCast on twitter.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 27 (Dan Shulman / ESPN)

December 16, 2016

Dan Shulman is the guest on episode 27 on PxPCast.  One of the truly great broadcasters of our era, Shulman is the voice of Sunday Night Baseball on ESPN and serves as one of the network's premiere voices of college basketball.  On this week's episode Shulman breaks down his calls of the Christian Watford buzzer-beater vs. Indiana and the Cubs winning the World Series and dives into his baseball prep and process.  

Joel also breaks down the WakeyLeaks scandal.

Follow the podcast on twitter @PxPCast and follow Dan @DShulman_ESPN.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 26 (Brandon Gaudin / Madden 2K17, Westwood One, B1G Network)

December 9, 2016

Brandon Gaudin may be one of the most often heard play-by-play announcers of millenials everywhere...and they don't even have to be watching sports.  Gaudin is in his first year as the play-by-play voice of the video game franchise Madden.  He's on the call whenever people start up their XBox systems worldwide.  In addition he still does the real thing, calling games for Westwood One and the B1G Network.  Gaudin talks about all three gigs, his time at Butler and Georgia Tech and what it's like working with an agent.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 25 (Matt Park / Syracuse Orange)

December 2, 2016

Matt Park became the voice of his alma mater back in 2004, having grown up in the Syracuse area as well.  The job carries an immense responsibility both to live up the the standards of being a Syracuse guy broadcasting the games at Syracuse, but also to help cultivatge the next generation of broadcasters to come from there.  Park talks about the legacy of guys like Mike Tirico, Sean McDonough, Bob Costas, Ian Eagle and how they've always stayed true to the place they call home, helping to grow those to follow them.  He also talks his very intricate prep habits and what working with Jim Boeheim is like.  Check out episode #25 of @PxPCast!  Matt is found on twitter @MattPark1