Play-by-Playcast Ep. 106 (Todd Ellis / South Carolina Football)

June 15, 2018

Todd Ellis became the voice of South Carolina football in 2003 as the former quarterback of the Gamecocks.  A previous member of the USC radio team, Ellis took over the PxP chair in 15 years ago, learning the reigns from Gamecocks legend Bob Fulton.  On this week's pod Ellis describes learning from Fulton, growing as a pxp announcer, how his former player background influences his radio role and more.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 105 (Bill Mercer)

June 8, 2018

Bill Mercer is one of the absolute giants of the play-by-play world.  The former voice of the Dallas Cowboys was also the first voice of the Texas Rangers.  He also called games for the White Sox and was on the air to cover the JFK assassination in addition to what he might be known for most....his play-by-play of World Class Championship Wrestling.  Bill Later became the voice of the University of North Texas and taught students at the school for years.  Those students went on the become the "Mercer Mafia."  We cover all those things and more...including which words to cut out of your pxp vocab in this week's pod.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 104 (Wes Durham / Atlanta Falcons)

June 1, 2018

Wes Durham is on the podcast this week to talk about calling a Super Bowl, calling an historic Super Bowl, the influence of his father, what makes good football on the radio, workling in the technical side of football to one's play-by-play, expanding one's command of the english language, the differences of working in television and much more.

Joel also dives into his experience broadcasting CrossFit in Rio this past weekend and covering not only the events he was there to call but also the news surrounding them in Brazil.

Follow this week's guest on social media @WesDurham.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 103 (Mark Champion / Detroit Pistons)

May 24, 2018

Mark Champion is the longtime voice of the Detroit Pistons and before that the Detroit Lions...and before that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  But his career didn't start on a play-by-play path.  On this episode he takes us on the jounrey, describes what it's like calling Barry Sanders 3-yard runs, talks about his famous Dinsey World voiceover and much more.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 102 (Jesse Goldberg-Strassler/ Lansing Lugnuts)

May 18, 2018

Jesse Goldberg-Strassler is a wordsmith, the ultimate wordsmith.  He's a writer who just so happens to talk on the radio, the ultimate painter with words.  Jesse's passion for what he does drips off everything he says.  The voice of the Lansing Lugnuts, the class-A affilate of the Toronoto Blue Jays, Jesse is also the author of two books on the language of sports (The Baseball Thesaurus and the Football Thesaurus) and the man behind the curtain on an annual old-school recreation broadcast.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 101 (Larry Collmus / Triple Crown on NBC)

May 11, 2018

American Pharoh winning the Triple Crown is easily one of the top sports moments of the 21st century so far.  Larry Collmus was there to tell us all about it.  Calling horse races since he was 18, Collmus worked his way up the ladder until he, in 2011, got the call from NBC to take over for Tom Durkin as the voice of the Triple Crown.  The three races are three of the biggest sports days of the year, and if there's a Triple Crown up for grabs at the Belmont...well that's an whole different ball game.  On this week's episode Larry talks about the art of calling the races, the biggest moments he's witnessed, getting the call to NBC, working with the likes of Bob Costas and much more. 


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 99 (Lanny Frattare / Pittsburgh Pirates)

May 4, 2018

Lanny Frattare spent 33 years as the voice of the Pittsburgh Pirates and now teaches at Waynesburg State in Pennsylvania. Over the course of his career he witnessed everything from Barry Bonds to Willie Stargell and Bob Knight throwing a chair.  This week we visit all those things, where he was when Sid slid and really dive into the mechanics of a good baseball broadcast.  It's a fun wonky edition of the PxPCast.


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 98 (Rich Bocchini (Brennan) / Major League Wrestling (formerly WWE)

April 27, 2018

Professional wrestling (or sports entertainment) has a play-by-play broadcaster.  He's an important and iiconic (see what we did there?) part of the broadcast.  Everybody knows Jim Ross yelling "Good God almighty! He killed him! As God is my witness he is broken in half!" It's edited into highlight reels of other sporting events all the time.  It's an important part of the pro-wrestling experience.  It's as important as "it is high, it is far, it is gone!" You could argue it's more important and you could argue it's even harder to pull off well.

Rich Bocchini (formerly known as Rich Brennan in WWE) is now one of the voices of MLW Fusion on beIN Sports.  He joins us this week to talk about broadcasting pro-wrestling...and what happens when the announce table gets destroyed.  

Follow Rich @RichBocchini and check out MLW Fusion, Friday nights at 8pm on beIN Sports!


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 97 (Ken Daniels / Detroit Red Wings)

April 20, 2018

Ken Daniels has spent 21 years as the telvision voice of the Detroit Red Wings, coming to the states from Ontario and Hockey Night in Canada. The author of the book "If These Walls Could Talk: The Detroit Red Wings," Daniels recounts and dives deeper into some of the stories and experiences of the book and of his career.  Topics range from working with his idols in Canada, jumping to the NHL without having experienced the minor leagues, working with Scotty Bowman and much more.  Ken also discusses the death of his son Jamie in 2016 and the opiod epidemic that surrounded it.  For more information please visit and check out the recent story about Jamie from E:60 on


Play-by-Playcast Ep. 96 (Tim Roye / Golden State Warriors)

April 13, 2018

Tim Roye has been the voice of the Golden State Warriors on radio since 1995. In that time he's seen some incredible basketball...and some not so incredible basketball.  Tim talks about describing both ends of the spectrum, his attention to detail on the air, how he made his way from the northeast to the west coast and his love for radio at a very early age.  Follow Tim on twitter @warriorsvox.